Monday, April 18, 2016

The best detox drink

Summer is coming and I'm all worried if my body is ready or not for the summer season. I decided to eat healthier, workout more and drink at leat 2 liter of water per day.
Unfortunately I'm not a person who drinks a lot during the day so I'm tring to fine tricks to achive my daily goal. I recently found the best detox drink for me and it is perfect because is tasty, easy to prepare and helps me a lot introdusing liquids in my body.

I'm talking about "Ginger and lemon Infusion".

I personally really love the taste of ginger. I add it in everything I eat or drink and I specially love it in my morning tea. It add a little bit of spiciness and freshness I need to start the day - and I think it energize me more than caffeine-.

As I said before, this beverage is really easy to make and I'm going to write the recipe below.

I forgot to mention that you can drink this drink cold or hot as you prefere.


1\2 a rindless lemon
1" skinless ginger

Cut the lemon and ginger into pieces, add water and let it chill for  hours or overnight in the fridge.


1 cup warm or hot water
1 tablespoon freshly gratex ginger
1 teaspoon hone honey (optional)

Put all the ingredients together and you're done, you have the perfect detoc drink to enjoy

I love to enjoy this beverage in the mornig and before going to bed.

Cheets :)



  1. lovely post,me too I add ginger in literally everything I love how it tastes xo

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm u made me dribble here I loveeeeeeeeee lemon I eat them like apples, I loveeee ginger and honey. So this I will be givin a try today!! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely day!
    Dominica from

    1. thank you very much honey, you've been so kind :)

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