Sunday, February 11, 2018


I cannot belive how time flies. It seems yesterday that me and my boyfriend were sitting in our favourite restaurant celebrating our first Valentine's day. This year we decided to have a Japanise Dinner at a new local here in Rome - If I like it I wil make a blog post for you - . I adore sushi, i could eat it every day and never stop.
I already know what present I'm going to buy for my valentine, but I know that many of you are still wondering what to buy. So this is a little help for you.

I personally thing that candles are the perfect gifts for girls on this day. Jo Malone and Diptyque offer very good quality scented candles.

There is nothing more romantic than give a gold necklace with your initial on to your girlfriend. I will be super happy.

- Lip tint.
A red lipstick is an old time favourite for gils gifts. This year, why don't go for a Chanel or Ysl one? they are amazing on lips, last longer than you would probabily wonder and the most amazing part is that they hydrate your lips!!

- Perfume.
My favourite one of the moment is Eau de Sense by Diptyque and Gucci Bloom. They are both floral scents perfect if given to your loved ones with a huge bunch or red roses.

Lots of Love x


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