Saturday, July 29, 2017

Avenée- Eau Thermale dupe || Lush

During summer time, my skin needs more hydration than usual and in particular my face skin soffers for it. Recently I've been testing out an amazing product from Lush. I really love this shop's products because they're all natural and do an amazing job on my skin, hair etc. 

This time I want to talk to you about this amazing refreshing and purifing toner. It contains tea tree oil, grapefruit and helps to calm your oily skin down. I usually use it right after the shower when my pores are opened so that the effect is doubled or at the end of my night skincare routine. I spray it on my face and let it dry. It is also amazing before and right after applying your foundation just like a setting spray. I really recommend you to try it because if you've got oily skin like me it does wonders :)

It is an excellent sobstitution to the Avenèe-Eau Thermale and is much cheaper that this. I'll put some links of other products that are similar to my amazing Lush Toner!! 

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