Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5 summer destinations!

Summer is my favourite season. Sunny and hot days really fill me with joy. They energize me so much. In winter I love to sleep but in summer I don't like to waste time at home.

Also, the thing that I love doing the most during summer season, apart from going to the beach,is travelling!
There is nothing more satisfing than visiting new places and meet new cultures. Below I'm going to list my 5 fave destination to go for this summer.


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Greece is my absolutely favourite destination. Its unbelievable, white and caracteristic landscapes take my breath away. If I think of a summer vacation in my mind I have got the answer: MIKONOS.


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These are the best destinations in Italy. Sun, food, sea are a must have in these places. Also, if you want to go with your sweet half, you won't regret it because they are super romantic -especially Positano-.


Situated in Spain, these two islands are the centre of fun for people who just want to really feel the night life. I really recommend these two destination if you are going with friends!! No Boyfriend or Girlfriends allowed LOL.


This place, one of the Canary islsnds, Spain, is the perfect place for people in need of surf and adventures. The best activities to do are surfing, as mentioned before, and buggy excursions, as I did the last time I went to Fuerteventura,click here to read my experience. At the end of the day, after a full fun day, the best thing to do is chilling along the beach sipping on a good fresh, homemade Sangira!!

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